‌17 September 2019

Results of the Call for proposals Partner Centers

EPI-PHARE publishes the results of the call for proposals for Partner Centers published last April.

For the realization of its work program, EPI-PHARE wishes to collaborate and develop partnerships with academic teams, with the aim of strengthening public expertise independent of private interests.


In this context, EPI-PHARE supported by its Scientific Council launched a call for proposals to fund a maximum of 2 partner centers in epidemiology of health products independent of any private interest, for a period of 4 years renewable and for a maximum amount of 500,000 euros per year (grants reassessed annually).


Partner Centers are entities bringing together high-level scientific and technical expertise, and with logistical and IT capacities to carry out a work program using SNDS data and other available data. These centers are made up of one or more academic research units/teams under the supervision of public research organizations (university, EPST, EPIC, etc.). The participation of several teams in France is allowed.


Partner centers must present the expertise and capacities necessary to conduct a research program in pharmacoepidemiology from the SNDS as a priority, to document the use, misuse, effectiveness and risks of health products in real life. In particular, they must have strong and recognized expertise in the processing and analysis of comprehensive SNDS data.


The Center selected


An international scientific jury met to assess the 5 applications received. After studying all the proposals and hearing the candidates, and on the basis of the classification and opinion proposed by the jury, EPI-PHARE decided to collaborate with 1 partner center in epidemiology of health products.


The DRUGS-SAFER Center that was selected is coordinated by Professor Antoine Pariente, doctor in Public Health specialized in clinical pharmacology and Doctor in Pharmacoepidemiology from the University of Bordeaux, from the Inserm U1219 Bordeaux Population Health Center (University of Bordeaux) and the Bordeaux University Hospital. The DRUGS-SAFER partner center has strong expertise in pharmacoepidemiology, IT and operation of the SNDS databases. Its work program will be established in close collaboration with EPI-PHARE.


The funding agreement will soon be signed between ANSM and the University of Bordeaux.