Our academic partners

For the realization of its work program, EPI-PHARE collaborates and develops partnerships with academic teams, with the aim of strengthening public expertise independent of private interests.

Partner center in epidemiology of health products

EPI-PHARE collaborates with the DRUGS-SAFER partner center coordinated by Pr. Antoine Pariente, Doctor in Public Health specialized in clinical pharmacology and Doctor in Pharmacoepidemiology from the University of Bordeaux, from the Inserm U1219 Bordeaux Population Health Center (University of Bordeaux) and the Bordeaux University Hospital. The DRUGS-SAFER Center has strong expertise in pharmaco-epidemiology, IT and operation of the SNDS databases. The funding of this Center follows the call for applications organized by EPI-PHARE in 2019.


Young research team in pharmaco-epidemiology

EPI-PHARE collaborates with the young research IMPULSE team led by Dr. Marie Viprey, hospital practitioner and Doctor in “Epidemiology, Public Health, Health Services Research” from the University of Lyon. The young team IMPULSE, implemented within the RESHAPE U1290 unit under the supervision of Inserm and the Claude Bernard Lyon 1 University, aims to study the impact on the use of health products in real life of different types of actions that can influence the care delivered to the patients. The funding of this young research team in pharmaco-epidemiology follows the call for applications organised by EPI-PHARE at the end of 2020.



Ad-hoc studies

In addition to the DRUGS-SAFER partner center, EPI-PHARE funds pharmaco-epidemiology studies carried out by academic teams. The funding process requires a hearing before the EPI-PHARE Scientific Council, which gives its opinion with a view to funding.


Doctoral and post-doctoral students

One of the objectives of EPI-PHARE is to participate in training in pharmaco-epidemiology and on health data. Also, as part of its partnerships policy with independent research organizations, EPI-PHARE welcomes and supervises interns, doctoral students and post-docs alternating with their research structure.