Call for proposals

EPI PHARE proposes to fund over 4 years a Group Leader in pharmaco-epidemiology with a  grant up to 500,000 euros per year.

To carry out its work program, EPI-PHARE is developing partnerships with academic teams, with the aim of strengthening public expertise independent of private interests. EPI-PHARE funds the DRUGS-SAFER partner center in epidemiology of health products in Bordeaux, funds pharmaco-epidemiology studies carried out by academic teams, welcomes and supervises interns, doctoral students and post-docs alternating with their research structure.


In addition to these funding systems, to go further in the realization of its work program and in the development of pharmaco-epidemiology in France, and in order to create new high-level teams specialized in epidemiology of health products from the SNDS data, EPI PHARE proposes to fund over 4 years a Group Leader in pharmaco-epidemiology.


This call for proposals “Group Leader in Pharmaco-epidemiology” is open to non-tenured researchers with a PhD (epidemiology, statistics, biostistics, pharmacology…) hosted or likely to be hosted in a research laboratory of a French public research organization. This call is also open to foreign researchers or French researchers from abroad wishing to return to France. The laureate must devote all of his research time to the work of the group in pharmaco-epidemiology. The goal at 4 years is to build a long-lasting pharmaco-epidemiology team, associated with a research organization or health establishment.


The applications are made up of 7 parts:

  • a “scientific document” (template to download below);
  • an “administrative document” (template to download below);
  • a “budget document” (template to download below);
  • the curriculum vitae of the coordinator;
  • the public declaration of interests of the coordinator;
  • a letter from the beneficiary establishment and the host laboratory committing to recruit and welcome the coordinator and his team;
  • letters of recommendation.


The deadline for electronically submitting applications is May 3, 2021 (original signed documents must be submitted by June 3, 2021) and eligible applications will be auditioned before a jury in Summer 2021.

The annoucement of the Laureate is scheduled in Autumn 2021 for operational implementation in early 2022.

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