‌July 22nd, 2021

Biologics and risk of serious infection in Patients with psoriasis

Members of EPI-PHARE cosign an article in JAMA Dermatology :

Association Between Biologics Use and Risk of Serious Infection in Patients With Psoriasis


Is the risk of serious infections different between biologic or targeted exposures in patients with psoriasis?



In this cohort study of 44 239 new users of biologics, the risk of serious infections was higher for new users of adalimumab or infliximab vs etanercept, whereas ustekinumab was associated with a lower risk of a serious infection. Risk of serious infections was not increased for new users of secukinumab, ixekizumab, brodalumab, guselkumab, or apremilast vs etanercept, but the risk of serious infections was increased with the use of concomitant nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs or systemic corticosteroids.



These results could help physicians choose a biologic for patients with psoriasis who are at risk of serious infections.

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